Noteflight (cont.)

So how would I use Noteflight in the classroom?  Here are some specific examples that I came up with off the top of my head:

In Music Theory...
- the teacher could write out a bass line and ask students to harmonize in 4-part harmony.
- the teacher could write out exercises in rhythm, sight reading, dictation, etc. for students to try at home.In Band/Orchestra...
- the teacher could notate a piece that the students are rehearsing on, so that at the home the students could play along with the Noteflight score.In Chorus...
- the teacher could notate a piece in such a way so that separate parts could be played, allowing students to learn their part outside of class.
In Composition...
- students could submit their own compositions for feedback and grading.

I think that using Noteflight would help students meet the following standards:
National Core Arts Standards - Music - Composition and Theory Strand (replace "X" in the following with "I," "II," or "III," without the quotes. These refer to the level of proficiency.)
  • MU:Cr2.1.C.Xa
  • MU:Cr2.1.C.Xb
  • MU:Cr3.1.C.Xa
  • MU:Cr3.2.C.Xa
  • MU:Re7.1.C.Xa
  • MU:Re7.2.C.Xa

ISTE Standards - Students
  • 1a & 1b
  • 2a, 2b & 2d
  • 6b, 6c & 6d

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  1. Thank you for your demonstration of Noteflight. I have used Noteflight personally, but have not had an opportunity to use it with students. Your suggestions for using the program for music theory and composition lessons are very helpful.